GenAI Journey: Past Insights, Present Challenges, and Future Opportunities

Plotting Your Unique Course to LLM Adoption and Impact

Large language models break from the mental models of software we're used to. For decades, we've worked with deterministic programs that explicitly follow directions. But large language models are probabilistic - simultaneously exciting in enabling imaginative creation and terrifying in producing fiction when facts are required.

Originally presented to the Women Presidents Organization on Feb 1, 2024 in Austin, TX, this presentation traces the advances in computer science that brought us from traditional software to large language models. It examines present-day challenges like hallucination, copyright issues, and privacy and how "human-in-the-loop" patterns enable cautious LLM use. Looking to the future, it shows how LLMs can power workflows that don't just improve efficiency but enable new products and remove process bottlenecks.

The presentation concludes with detailed questions to discover your organization's own roadmap for leveraging GenAI.

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Putting AI to Work for You: Hands-On Strategy Workshops

Reading about how AI could impact your industry is a good start. But you get oucomes when you consider your own business workflows and think strategically about how you can adopt to this coming technology wave and surf it to greater heights.

We're conducting hands-on AI strategy workshops with a small number of companies to unpack how AI could be utilized within your specific organizational context. If you're interested, reach out and we can discuss whether we're a good fit to collaborate.

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